A of the most characteristic spaces at the time of making the decoration, is the bathroom and framed in this theme we should highlight those that are within the children's decoration

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And the children's bathroom decoration deserves a completely independent assessment since in its conformation the basic needs of the child and the security features that must be available.

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En aesthetic character the implementation of colors and nice shapes for the small without fundamentals, moving the bath away from the cold concept which may have the same in its more formal character.

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Walls decorated with vinyls, or highlight manuals transport your small user to a magical world, ideal and unique, the furniture must also have this colorful and morphologically pleasant condition, this is the case of the models developed by the Real Madrid designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who plays with the morphology and coloring forming a very special highlight.

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Their lines of furniture They are very particular and can be easily identified thanks to the morphological character applied, where the most primary forms and associated by the small as aesthetically adequate are the most implemented in its conformation, it is so that stars, hearts and shapes of nine are suggested in all the pieces.

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With respect to ideal decoration, it is important that toilets are at an adequate distance, the materials must be plastic and resistant, the absence of straight lines present not only an aesthetic character but safety measures in the event of accidental falls.

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The Luminaires must be arranged at an adequate distance, being inaccessible to the child, the absence of electrical outlets and the built-in character of the mirrors is fundamental, you should consider eliminating all those pieces that suggest the small scalar, even if it is highly active.

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The bathtubs should have an auspicious dimension but shaped in plastic materials, this is fundamental solving the problem of falls and blows and presenting a cost-effective solution when it comes to completely renewing the bathroom of our little one adapting it to a teen style.

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