There is no opportunity today to have enough space in the toilets, it is true, between the environments of the home the smallest space is the bathroom. It used to be not before the twentieth century, at least for those who then enjoyed one, a large space for cleanliness and relaxation. Nowadays, when there is little space, we must reduce the amount of furniture and ornaments to make room for a wider and more comfortable appearance.

La Minimalist bathroom decor It is a successful way to decorate the bathroom with modern appearance but also with a neat appearance and very functional and "clean". The beauty of these environments is concentrated in the use of tiles and ceramics on the walls, the choice of simple furniture and of adequate size or enough size that allows space to store everything, order is the major quality of the minimalist current, the order conveys comfort and spaciousness.

And today we focus on the decoration of modern bathrooms the use of the colors that combine splendidly and the contrasts that put the note of vivacity are fundamental. Usually white is used as a base color, in a paint that is easy to clean, that stays in its appearance longer and that is free of lead and other contaminants. The white gives lighting, makes the space smaller and combines with everything.

Combinations of white with colors such as brown, simulating natural environments of wood, or in other colors in pastel tones, make the Modern minimalist bathroom decor add space visually, be more attractive and result in that image of amplitude more comfort. There is room for everything, a simple bathtub, a basic sink, a closet for towels and other items and free space to walk while you wash, to be without feeling overwhelmed without space.

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  1. I like that a space like the bathrooms produces several sensations thanks to the varied designs.

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