When we mentioned the functionality in the spaces, generally this concept is mainly associated with functional space, the one that allows us to move and the attributes of the furniture that we have for facilitate our daily activities or characteristics.

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But there is a deeper concept of functionality, and that is when we do not have the same mobility as the rest of the people, we are talking about decoration for the disabled or people limited in their displacement, this characteristic proposes resounding changes in the spaces since otherwise they become impassable, and one of those spaces, perhaps the most complex to transform is the bathroom, so we will present some ideal solutions to adapt our house to a person who has this limitation.

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One of the companies that has thought and developed solutions for people with disabilities of movement is the company SecuriBath, who stands out mainly for its showers of functional nature and totally safe, platforms anti-slide supports on all its sides and controls accessible to disabled people.

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As we can appreciate the showers are the most characteristic parts of the bathrooms for people with low or no mobility, and is that the need to enter the same through the wheelchair is fundamental as well as the implementation of different accessories that allow us to communicate from the bathroom with the outside in case of any problem.

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The possibility of finding ourselves with autonomous accessories is a remarkable advantage that the technology, we will find a large number of them although many are not yet available due to its high cost, anyway we can say that a short period of time can begin to glimpse progress in operational character that turn our houses into an ally at the time of transit daily.

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