The rustic bathrooms have a special charm, have an exclusive simplicity and an old touch that makes them unique. With a successful combination of materials, colors and textures you can get a spectacular space inspired by nature and rural life.

The materials of rustic bathrooms

rustic wooden bathrooms
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It is important when designing the bathroom to know the style you want to give it. You must bear in mind that the decoration can not be limited to just one room, but must be consistent with the rest of the house.

  • The rustic style is characterized by the use of noble material and maderto stone, la forging, the metal that bring warmth and simplicity to the environment.
  • These materials can be present in rustic bathrooms in many ways from bathroom furniture, coatings, flooring and accessories.
rustic bathrooms - coatings
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The coatings are important allies to decorate rustic bathrooms. Either use natural materials or you can resort to decorative platesI know they imitate certain materials very well like the stone, face-looking bricks ...

rustic bathrooms - wooden shelves
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  • Wood can also be present on shelves and shelves. They are ideal for storing towels and bath products.
  • The metal accessories: steel, brass, iron helps to create a country atmosphere.
rustic bathrooms - wicker baskets
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  • The wicker baskets They give a natural touch to the bathroom. They are also very useful for storing personal hygiene products.
  • Bet on the natural textiles like cotton. For towels, decántate by light colors like white or crude that combine very well with earth colors.
rustic bathrooms - microcemento
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  • The microcement It is a material that can help create a neutral atmosphere in which the feeling of relaxation and tranquility is transmitted ...
  • The work showers they always look perfect in rustic bathrooms.
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The colors in the rustic bathrooms

modern rustic bathrooms

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The tonalities of this style are inspired by nature and in the field. In the rustic bathrooms, the browns ranges, ocher, beige ... The colors green and blue They will give a touch of dynamism. Combine them with light tones to give luminosity and visual amplitude.

Furniture with character

rustic bathrooms - furniture
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A simple way to get rustic bathrooms is through the furniture. Can recycle old furniture and turn them into the focus of attention.

The objective is to create a balanced environment between furniture, accessories and toilets. Vintage style furniture and fittings They blend perfectly with the rustic decor.

Rustic washbasins

rustic bathrooms - toilets
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  • The sinks are essential pieces in the bathroom. It is advisable to choose them according to the predominant style.
  • Stone. The basins of this material add character and personality to the stay.
  • In marble you will find a great variety of shapes: oval, round, rectangular, conical, square.
  • Concrete. The toilets of this material are trend, which have a great resistance.
rustic bathrooms - brass sinks
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  • One of the latest trends is to use brass cubes as a washbasin. The result is surprising.
  • Taps For rustic bathrooms it is advisable to choose classic models finished in bronze, gold or aged silver.

Old bathtubs

rustic bathrooms - white tubs
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A special piece in the rustic bathrooms are the old free-standing bathtubs with legs. They are manufactured with Cast iron and coated with a ceramic layer that brings strength. Over time this type of bathroom was stopped because they were very expensive.

Rustic bathrooms - provencal style

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Currently you can find very good reproductions that offer us the possibility of enjoying a fantastic bath. Choose an antique faucet according to the model of the bathtub. The models in gold are trend.

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The complements: essential

rustic bathrooms - vintage mirrors
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  • The accessories and accessories play a very important role in the rustic bathrooms because they give style and personality to the environment.
  • You can add wrought iron hangers, ceramic objects, brass accessories.
  • Plants and flowers They bring a natural touch. Bets for them to get a serene and relaxed and full of life.
  • If you want to give a touch of elegance to the bathroom, go for the vintage style mirrors in gold.

Lighting in rustic bathrooms

rustic bathrooms - lighting
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  • Lighting is one of the fundamental factors of decoration.
  • If you have windows in the bathroom, maximizes natural light, remove the elements that can make shade.
  • Choose curtains with soft fabrics like cotton, linen or silk.
  • If you place a mirror you will multiply the light.
rustic bathrooms - candles
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  • Artificial light is also important to take care of and plan. There should be a polyvalent lighting according to the activities that take place in the bathroom.
  • There has to be a general light that illuminates the whole stay. You must also have point light spots around the mirror.
  • If you want to create a intimate and romantic atmosphere light an aromatic candle

What do you think of these ideas to decorate rustic bathrooms? I hope that they will help you to create a space full of harmony and relaxation that the rural environments process us.