As a decorative and special detail for any event infant, today we propose in Decoration 2.0 a simple solution for decorating the table. Let's play with boats!

This time we are going to make a centerpiece using Gift Wrap and some candies. Our goal will be to create a fun, eye-catching and charming article!

For this we need wrapping paper with different and fun patterns, colorful candies and a nice base to place the center. They can be colored glass or plastic bases.

To begin we will cut squares in the gift papers. The squares can be of different sizes or all the same, this as you can see.

Once all the squares are cut, we will begin to make paper boats. Do as many as you want, if we are going to make several centers, the ideal is to place a few boats in the trays.

To finish we will place the candies on the boats and these on the corresponding bases. If you want to complete it even more we can always fill it with dried flowers, pebbles, shells or everything that comes to mind!

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