Today Decoration 2.0 we bring you one very original idea with which to decorate any corner of your home. With simple materials, we will make beautiful decorative balls. The idea is to make several balls of different sizes to create a great set.

The materials what we will use will be the following:

Spheres of tergopor
Beans -of different sizes and shapes-
Marker / marker
White spray paint
Color spray paint of your choice

The task is very simple, basically it is about hitting the beans to the spheres. To do this, the first step is to trace the outline of the sphere with the marker.

Once we have traced, we will stick beans around the sphere itself. When we have done this we will fill in the rest of the ball to cover the surface completely. We will try to stick the beans evenly, placing them on the same side. Let it dry

Once all the dried beans are glued, we will paint the set with white spray. This will be the base color, now we can leave them like this or paint them with different colors, making beautiful compositions. We can even include, to paste, other types of elements such as rope, wool or seeds.