As we all know recycling is vital for the future of all of us, so today we tell you how to recycle plastic bottles to turn them into functional candle holders.

The materials that we need are plastic bottles of soda and something sharp like a cutter or knife. This craft is very simple and we will obtain very good results.

First we take the bottle and cut almost all the body, leaving only a few centimeters of base, this way our candle holder will have where to lean. The cut will try to be clean and symmetrical.

Once this is done we proceed to cut the second bottle in the same way. This way we will have a part of down, where the sail and the zone of above will settle that will serve to hold the candle.

Then we fit, both pieces cut, by the mouthpiece. To make it last longer we can put in the mouthpiece of one of them a little specific adhesive for plastics.

Then we fit the nozzles and we have our beautiful candle holder. Just enough to select some beautiful candles, in this case have been chosen long cut to give a more elegant.

If you want to decorate it, we can always add a colored ribbon or paint them with acrylic, for example a neutral color like white, black or red will be perfect and we will obtain an extremely decorative object.