If you are looking for decoration for your Baby Shower, today in Decoración2.0, we give you a suggestion to make a beautiful crown, as a decoration for the door. The ornament is based on ribbon ribbons in pink and light blue, which can be located at the entrance door to receive guests.

The materials we will need will be soft wire, to make the base. We can also make it based on soft or moldable branches. In addition we will need colored ribbon, this time pink and blue. Glue or a glue gun and a paper stapler.

The first thing we will do is assemble the base of the crown, for this we will bend the wire or the branches in a circle. Make several laps! Now with the ribbons we will make big ribbons to cover the base well and fasten them with the stapler.

Once we have the bows, which will depend in number on how big we have made the base, we stick them with the glue gun intercalating the colors pink and blue. Finally locate them on the wall, ceiling or door of the event venue.