If you want to make a decorative craft, at the same time very fun for your children, pay attention because I'm sure you'll love it. It is nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful horse so that your children play everything they want.

The materials What we will need are the following:

- sock
- tape
- wool remains
- cloth remains
- buttons
- a broomstick or mop
- Wadding or chopped cloth for filling
- scissors
- needle and thread

First we will make a stick, it can be broom, mop ... etc. This will serve as base support, as if it were the horse's body. We will cut the stick to an appropriate size for the child.

Now, in one of the ends we put a piece of cloth and fill it with wadding or something similar; then we will give it the form. Now we will tie it tightly to the end of the stick.

The fabric, which we have tied, we will cover with a sock; Now is when we try to give it a shape, similar to the one in the photo. We will tie the sock at the end, we will try to make it firm, so that it does not fall.

The next step will be to make the ears of the horse, for this we will use pieces of cloth. We take four pieces of cloth and draw something similar to a horse's ear ... imagine you have to draw a leaf. We will make two small shapes and two larger ones, in this way we will give the effect of the inner part of the ears.

To sew them we will do it the other way around, then we will turn around and then we sew the small piece.

Finally we sew these to the head of the horse and we put the ribbon that will make rein. We will make the eyes with two beautiful buttons.

We can add as many details as we want, as long as they do not hinder us from playing; to make the mane it is enough to pass the wool through a double cardboard with a hole in the center and then we will cut the edges to tie them and sew them to the horse.