I can not believe it! Nature y sport they combine in a way ... never seen. What would you say if you could choose a football player, which you like, and decorate the house with him? ...

Yes, if you do not read me, it's true. There is a small and sensational flowerpot whose shape is identical and identical to the head of one of the players who has given more than talking ... Beckham.

This little Japanese flowerpot is, simply the head of Beckham... well, the real one is not a pigtail simulation and everything.

This curious and genuine flowerpot-Beckham It is composed or divided into two parts. The top of the skull is a lid that when you remove it you find the location to put the seeds inside. Also, the bottom of the skull It also serves as a support for the head.

The best comes now ... with a little time, clear water and patience, and once planted the seeds that come with this article; We wait for it to grow little by little and voilá the head of Beckham gives us a kind of grass like hair. This is so because it literally seems part of his head. The funny thing is to be able to cut the "hair" to the pot.

La Beckham flower pot is one more option within the extensive world of "pot" decoration design. This curious flower pot it is perfect both indoors, in the living room or in any other room, even in the kitchen next to the window; and in turn, outdoors it has a lot of charm, for example, in a patio or in the garden ... next to the dwarfs.

If you like the football and the nature, this is a good or at least a curious choice. The design of the pot combines perfectly with everything since it is unusual to everything. The flower pot Beckham may be a decorative element anywhere in our house ...we play?