In summer, when we are hot, the most typical action is to throw ourselves on the floor (at least that's what I do) where it's much cooler, but we always use a blanket or a towel to avoid being too cool and not sticking to the tiles So, in winter, what should we do? When it's cold to also throw ourselves on the ground looking for heat? It does not stop a very attractive plan taking into account the winter landscape with which Spain has dawned today and half of Europe, but with this radiator the sensation of cold will dissipate in a moment because we can lie down on it.


Called Bediator, a word that comes from the combination of bed y radiator, in English, B y radiator. In appearance it is a normal radiator, with a contemporary design, that can be installed anywhere in the house, but later we discovered that it has a supplementary function.


The upper part detaches from its hooks by tilting 90º until reaching the ground. In this way we have a small thermal carpet on the floor on which we can sit or lay down, and without danger of burning as it releases heat slowly and smoothly.


It is a design Yi Kunwoo, and what we do not know is if it is just a prototype or is already in production.

Vía: Yanko Design