A chair looks like an apparently simple object. Some legs or a base structure, a support on which to sit and a backrest on which to rest our back. These are the fundamental elements of this essential piece of furniture. And, although simple, it can become a whole sculpture, a work of art. As the Beetle design chair. Discover it!

chair design
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Is there the perfect modern chair? Throughout the decades there have been many designers, many of them famous design gurus, who have tried to create the 10 design chair. And many came close enough. However, it is not an easy task, since there are many aspects that must be taken into account.

To begin with, not only has to be beautiful aesthetically, but also comfortable and original. And it has to show a style according to the times that are running, beyond vanguards, movements and artistic trends, fashions and trends.

Well, I can not say whether or not there is the perfect modern chair, but I do know that there is one that could come to resemble it. A designer chair With a touch mid-century modern that seems to succeed wherever it goes: the chair Beetle de Gubi. You will see it everywhere, if you are attentive to the present in terms of interior design, design and decoration.

A design chair inspired by an insect

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The chair Beetle, manufactured and marketed by the firm Gubi, It is a design by GamFratesi Studio. Two architects form this study that is located in Copenhagen: the Danish Stine Gam and the Italian Enrico Fratesi. They conceived the wonderful seat in 2013. In these five years, not only has not lost a bit of topicality, but has gained in fame and popularity. Today is one of the most acclaimed seats.

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To create it, the designers dedicated themselves to study the anatomy of beetles, those insects with shell and thin legs. They had a hard exterior and a soft interior, which they wanted to reflect on the chair itself, made up of a sturdy and solid frame on the outside but soft and soft on the inside.

The production of the Beetle Chair

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From the beginning the manufacturing of the promising chair was carried out by the prestigious firm Gubi, which was established at 1967 in Denmark. It is distinguished by its Careful production of iconic pieces of design, and also for its innovative proposals.

The beetle chair is a seat made of laminated molded sheet, with seat and backrest made in two separate parts that are then joined. Holds on thin metal legs, as they are those of the beetles. They can be black or in a brass-colored finish.

As for the upholstery, although now there are different versions and the client can choose the one he likes the most, in its initial phase it was created of cloth and leather. Over time it has been shown that one of the models that has had the most acceptance has been the chair Beetle upholstered in a velvet bright and soft, with a luxurious touch that makes anyone fall in love.

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But there are also chairs Beetle with upholstery in printed fabrics, with different patterns and designs.

A broad catalog of ideas

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What started as a designer chair became everything a panorama of different options: the armchair appeared Beetle, the footrest and the bar stool. And also other versions of the first seat. With one or another upholstery, with wooden legs, etc.

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The latest version of the mythical design chair is its version without upholstery, that offers great possibilities. It is one, or rather two, polypropylene plastic shells that make up the shell of the beetle.

The plastic is treated with a matt texture very pleasant to the touch, and is very comfortable when you sit down. In addition, it boasts a Wide variety of colors for the housing and various finishes for the legs. The result is a lighter and more resistant chair.

How to integrate it in space

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A little you look, you will find a way to integrate such a special chair in your own home. It will be perfect in any dining room, about a round table or on both sides of a long rectangular one.

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But it's not the only way you can enjoy your Beetle design chair. You can also put it in front of your desk in a study or in the work area. As it is quite comfortable, you can work without problems sitting in it.

But why deny it? Any space is good for placing a Beetle chair. It will give the space a new dimension, and put it in the hall, in the bedroom or in the living room.

Which one do you like the most? The version covered in velvet or printed? With black legs or finished in brass? They are all great!