Bidoun is an interesting collection created by the German designer Katrin Greiling. It is a series of sofas and tables inspired by the Middle East. In order to create it, this young designer has researched the nomadic life and customs of the Bedouin in the desert and the objects of her daily life.



All this has inspired him to create something similar to Arabic seats, but with a more contemporary touch. The ropes that hold their tents are a very remarkable element as we see them in the upper part, and the different materials and fabrics with which they are made are represented in the different layers and patterns.



There are many different models, with backrest and without backrest, composed of several pieces, more or less depending on the model thing that will vary the height; we also distinguish different sizes and colors, from gray and black, to the combination of reds, blues, greens, browns, etc ...



The tables are made of wood (solid pine, sheet or marble) and held by ropes that will hang from the ceiling. A really interesting collection.



More information: Katrin Greiling

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