The winter has been so cold that, this year more than any other, almost all agree on the same thing: we are all looking forward to the Spring and with it the good weather.

In a house, if you have it, the absolute protagonism when the good weather arrives is the terrace, the garden, the patio, even the balcony.
Enjoying a good coffee or tea on the terrace and a good book on a sunny afternoon, as the ad says, is priceless.

Spring is here!. So it's time for you to take a look at your terrace and start preparing it to enjoy it.
Rate what you need and, if applicable, what you want to eliminate from your terrace. Decide the style you want to achieve on your terrace so that, through decoration, you can create an environment to your liking. And, if your terrace is already mounted, it's just a matter of giving it a little 'review' to make it perfect.


If you want to give your terrace a new air to achieve a renewed appearance, an effective way that never fails is textiles, especially cushions. A nice cushions will completely renew the appearance of the terrace in general.
If your terrace is not covered, a comfortable and functional way to introduce cushions made of waterproof fabrics. This way you will not have to be continuously aware of the changes in the weather.
If you do not get cushions already made to your liking, try to do it yourself using vinyl tablecloth.

Once your terrace is ready, you only have to enjoy it to the fullest now that the good weather is about to arrive.