The process of air conditioning by evaporation of water, which is the most recommended to heat our houses, occurs in nature in a habitual way; Two clear examples are the fresh sensation when we leave the pool and the relief that the sea breeze gives us on the beach.


The air when making contact with water, instantly produces a small evaporation that moistens the environment and reduces heat. This ecological technology is available to our homes when we use bioclimatizers instead of traditional air conditioning machines. These create an environment of maximum comfort because, in addition to lowering the temperature, improve, filter, renew and give quality to the air, increase the index of its relative humidity, create a small overpressure, which prevents dust particles from entering the house. , pollen and odors from the outside-, generate negative ions -they are the good ones- and eliminate static electricity.

The biochlorinator MASTERCOOL, from the BIOCOOL eco-friendly appliance brand, is silent, sophisticated and portable. Its organic design incorporates a three-speed fan. Measures 76 cm tall and 550 cm wide. To acquire this ingenious air conditioner and learn more organic products we can visit the website