There are many simple things that become good ideas for decorate the bedroom and that are always accessible and practical. Today we tell you about the advantage of taking advantage of a screen to use as headboard of your bed. The screens you already know are screens that we use in living rooms and other environments and that besides being very decorative, they are very practical because they look fabulous and can be changed from one place to another.

In our proposals for bedroom decor today, we have chosen to inspire you two great images of two elegant and comfortable bedrooms, in which the screen is far from serving as a division between one environment and another, but serves as headboard of the bed, which gives a flirtatious touch and of extreme naturalness. Sure you have a screen at home and why not make one, if you have always been bored traditional headboards, you can also have a very original like this.

These are natural wood screens that in their pure color transmit a total image, nature and relaxation, and that you can take advantage in many ways to give the bedroom a decorative touch different than this one to place it as headboard of your bed. The bed headboards fulfill a function beyond the purely decorative, they are perfect to avoid that during sleep comes to you, the humidity of the walls, which in extreme climates are usually cooled by the prevailing temperature.

In addition, they are equally practical, in those places where climates tend to be excessively hot, because just as the walls cool in some places, in others they retain the torrid heat of a sunny day and make the atmosphere of the home more charged, so that the cabecero makes the effect of a screen that takes you away from said discomfort and lets you rest well, so take advantage of an original headboard with this screen.