Today I present the Bisazza collection for next fall. A collection that is very warm with the tonalities of this season such as browns and beigs. Here I leave 12 different environments in which this collection is presented that is suitable for both bathrooms and dining rooms, living rooms, living rooms, entrances, and used both in walls and floors.

All the proposals that Bisazza launches us for this autumn are very original inspired many of them in the mosaic world, teaching us also very animal proposals, with geometric shapes, mixtures with nature, but what most of all is the combination of colors .

In the 1 and 8 environments, you can see a bathroom in brown, which covers both the bathtub and the floor, a different way of coating the bathroom, using the same tile for everything, and also a relaxation area with the same colors, a very bright brown.

In the 2 environment, we observe a relaxation area with a wall that gives a sense of peace, due to the tonalities and forms.

In the 3 environment I show you a very simple floor but at the same time very elegant in brown, perfect for a reading room, since it transmits serenity.

The environments 4, 7 and 12 are all with floral motifs but at the same time remind us of the autumn by the tones, in mustard yellow, browns and grays.

The 5, 6 and 9 environments represent geometric patterns, and the 10 and 11 environments represent very animal motifs.