Searching the web we found a blog called "For curious" in which there is a news the least curious (honoring the name of its website) that combines comfort at home with energy savings, the one we talk so much about but little practice . It is a thermal blanket developed by the Technological Textile Institute (AITEX) together with the company Textils Mora with which you can save up to 30% of the average energy consumed in heating.

thermal comfort3

This is possible thanks to its high calorific value. Its components can lower the thermostat up to 4,4 degrees centigrade adapting to the temperature of the environment and making the user can rest with an ambient temperature of 15,6 degrees Celsius in the same conditions as if he were at 20 and without feeling any colder. They are also breathable.

To carry out the tests, AITEX technicians have used a "thermal manikin" and have also exposed people to real conditions of use in order to assess the sensations that it causes. Based on the results they have designed four types of blankets that are divided into categories based on their calorific value and the conditions of use. Thus, the researchers advise using blankets of the first category with an ambient temperature between the 15 and 16 degrees, the second between 17 and 18, the third between 19 and 20 and the fourth for environment of more than 20 degrees centigrade.

thermal comfort2

The prototype was presented at the last textile fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt (Germany) to inform companies about innovations in this field. The products can be purchased at the Textils Mora stores and belong to its Comfort line.

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Further information: Textils Mora

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