Imagine that you are doing a work at home (yes, once again, you will think) and that you have the whole house manga for man, the things of the living room in the rooms, the dirty furniture, all covered with paper or curtains so that the furniture does not they are stained ... and suddenly they knock on the door. They are friends who have come from the other side of Spain to the city and have taken the opportunity to pay you a visit. What a situation! and you with the house made a mess. You will have to make them pass, they will not stay at the door, but where will they sit? Oh, we have the solution.

That solution is called Blow Sofa, and it is an inflatable sofa that consists of two bags that form a seat and a backrest. Both are supported by a metal structure and then fixed around them with a strap and rubber bands. In a moment you will have an emergency sofa that will at least allow you to get out of trouble. By the way, when the visitors leave you can also sit down to sit down to rest without staining any furniture.

The seat and backrest are recycled air bags, of those huge ones that are used to protect a merchandise during its transport. The designers are the Poles Agatha Kulik and Pawel Pomorski (for Malafor) and just presented at the IMM Cologne 2010, within the section of new talent.

Via: The Design Blog