"Excuse me, I'm sorry, forgive me" are those words that I hate and that I must use every holy day when I'm on my way to the office, on my way to the children's school, when I'm driving, when I take the shopping cart through the supermarket, when I go shopping with my friends. Apparently the perception I have of space is wrong and I am always giving the old ladies with my wallet or with what I have hanging on my shoulder.

It is not my intention to hit anyone who crosses my path wrongly and the truth that I worry a lot when I hear that there is a baby or some living being with a disability around me because I do not want to hurt them. But please understand that you have to be careful with women who are loaded with packages and with a child in each hand because they do not have complete control over their abilities and they may become angry that you just greet them or try to help them.

The bag for the purchase 60 Bag, produced in viscose-flax by the design studio OLIVER ESTUDIO reuses the fibers that are left over from the industrial processes and thus reuse and take advantage of waste of raw materials. The bag will help me organize better and be more economical when preparing the suitcase. Its design is very striking and nothing can be more ecological. More information on the Website http://www.olivestudio.com