If you like Crafts and you love giving new life to objects that apparently do not work anymore, this idea will enchant you:

It's about recycling those old glass bottles that we all have at home to not only give a new opportunity and a new use, but to connect them in authentic design objects.

design bottles

The first thing you should do is select or choose the bottles you want to recycle ... Once selected you can get down to work ...
As you can see in the image above, it is simply a cut to the bottle by removing the nozzle or making more original cuts, for example, diagonally. With only this small detail the appearance of the bottle changes radically.

To cut the bottles you have two options, if you wish you can do it yourself at home and if not, you can order the cut to a professional.
If you decide to do it yourself at home, this is the procedure to follow in order to cut the bottle:

  • Clean the bottle thoroughly and let it dry completely for a few hours in a well-ventilated place.
  • Decide how the cut you want to make will be and mark it on the bottle.
  • You will need a cotton rope and alcohol to burn. The next step is to dip the cotton rope in alcohol and screw it into the bottle.
  • Now, light the rope and let the fire burn it.
  • When the rope is well lit enter the bottle in a container of water and press to cut the glass.
  • Once the glass is cut, you will have achieved that your bottle acquires the desired shape.
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Finally, the only thing that remains is to place your small design objects in the place that most shine. If you want you can place the single bottles giving them all the prominence or, if you wish, you can use them as original vases.