An elegant wine rack is much more than a utensil used to keep bottles organized, it is also a decorative object that can even take center stage in the room. This time it is a simple structure, located vertically and with undulations.

wine rack-wall

In each of them opens a slot that will support the bottles so that they arise from the structure to one side and another. This shape allows us to experiment with the decoration and place the bottles in different ways, as we see in the image.

It has capacity for eight bottles and its price is 30 €. You can buy it through the web Drink Stuff.

Via: Ocompras

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  1. good afternoon I would be interested in this bootellero but my doubt is that I do not see clear to hang it to hold that weight for what you see in the picture is just the figure and would like a contact phone to ask it I am from Cordoba to see if it takes some money more after that it is worth 30 €

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