When you have little space you have to take advantage of it to the maximum, and that does not mean depriving us of those furniture or ornaments that are necessary, such as bottle racks And you do not have to have any lack of attractiveness if you like beautiful things for your home. Today we bring you some suggestions of bottle racks, which you can take advantage of without reducing your space, because they take advantage of walls that, due to their small size, fit well in almost any area.

The best thing is that with these botelleros you will have everything you need on hand, and of course you will add a decorative element to the home. There are so in the form of a table, that they integrate a functional element because while they serve as a table they also safeguard the bottles with security and attractiveness. It is especially ideal for that place where there is barely room for a table, as you have with it, table and bottle rack.

No less attractive are those that correspond to the wall, there are various materials although the most popular are the wrought iron bottle racks, because besides organizing your bottles you add an element decorative to the environment, And they have another advantage, is that you can send them to make to taste with a craftsman, and take advantage of so many reasons that suit your decorative taste and clear the amount of bottles you want to have in it.

There are for a single bottle very basic and for little space, but also for those who do not require more and just want to have a bottle of good quality for when it merits, so in these images you will find how to make a coquettish bottle rack, which is practical because it is integrated into the decoration and also attractive. Really the ideal place in a space of the living room, the kitchen or the dining room, you choose if it is so flirtatious to confine it where it is not admired.