Are you decorating your living room? If you are looking forlegance and personality, for you living, give it a current style looking for contrasts and incorporating colorful details.

In the image we can see how, in search of contrasts and looking for visual appeal, neutral white, gold and beautiful colors have been combined black.

The sofas and some accessories and details are proposed in light tones, in this way the dark walls, before the other colors, rises becoming protagonist and highlighting the other tonalities of the room.

The rest of the furniture, like the shelves in the background are black, so we will get visual depth. The warmth is present in the wooden floor, thus accompanying the texture of the room.

As a detail, on the back wall, cpieces of bright finishes... it looks like a big window, but it is a beautiful composition of several canvases. This detail contributes color and style to the stay.

As a decorative contribution, the texiles and lamp, they are presented with details in black. The geometric shapes of the cushions and the carpet simulating zebra skin They bring personal touches.

On the other hand, a central table in methacrylate. The transparency of the furniture makes the light reflect and does not saturate too much the environment ... ideal for small places.