The age at which our children begin to be aware of their body for the first time, which begins when they take their first steps, is as important to them as it is to us. Given its fragile and new eyes, a thousand possibilities are presented as its ability to move makes them active users of space and this strengthens, in addition to its muscles, its sensory exploration capacity: sight, hearing, touch and smell, are now its main game tools. Now they will face the environment where they have grown and it is fundamental to give them the necessary tools so that, before leaving to the outside world, they can enjoy this important stage of consolidation and growth.

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An accessory that allows children to recognize their field of action and understand the relationship of their body with the environment is the wheel in motion FURA, from the Japanese design house LEIF-DESIGN PARK, which with a very innovative and striking appearance, achieves capture your attention Thanks to being made of aluminum it is very light and allows you to move it freely. It is coated with yellow polyurethane which gives it softness to the touch and the color that characterizes it, and all its finishes are soft and rounded to ensure the maximum comfort of the infants. More information on the Website