We have already spoken on other occasions of the headboards as an essential part in the decoration of a bedroom. This time we propose the ones designed by Imagina Diseño, a company dedicated to art but using digital media for its dissemination, thus uniting incompatible techniques such as classic watercolor and the modern digital paint, creating in this way new and surprising textures in the works they perform.

The result is a series of personalized products that contribute to the creation of more "human, fresh and optimistic" environments, as the designer Ana Sanz says.

The headboards are large format pictures grouped into four collections, Comb y Shawl, that reinterpret Andalusian combs and manila shawls, and Utopia y Passages, freer expressions of the art of Ana Sanz.

comb headboard

Is limited and numbered series, which gives them character of unique, artistic pieces, and can be acquired adaptable for beds of 135cm in width up to 200cm., and the prices vary, according to the collection, from 212 €. They also offer the option of a base, matching the box, to place in the lower part of the box-headboard.
headboard passages

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  1. I think it's a great idea. It's something different, that brings freshness to the bedroom.
    The other day, I saw it at a friend's house and I really loved it.

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