There are many details that can contribute to the decor from the bedroom. As we have told you in other post, influence lamps, bedding and curtains that can provide color, but you can also take advantage of details, such as the headboard. Today we bring you ideas of original headboards for the bedroom, that give a modern and elegant air to it. Surely you find the one you like the best and why not? I'm sure you like them all.

Bed headboards have been known for a long time, reached their maximum splendor at the end of the 19th century, and for the 20th century they were part of the decoration of all the bedrooms. Although for some seasons they were relegated to oblivion, during the last years they were retaken as a decorative detail that helps to enhance the bedroom decor and in some cases, a practical element that helps organize it.

There are various materials, depending on the taste and type of decoration, wood, wrought iron, resin and other presentations. In our suggestions of headboards to decorate the bedroom, as you can see a nice headboard in the form of a bookcase puts the flirtatious touch to the decoration and is perfect for placing your books and other objects. The recycling is also present in a headboard made of two window frames, original and attractive.

Taking advantage of printed textiles we can cover the headboard, to our liking and in the colors that we like the most, as you will see in some of these images. And some headboards can be customized with details such as a flower or a personalized decoration. Do not settle for having a headboard, make that headboard part of the decoration of your bedroom. Let's see in the following images the options that we present for sure you will like them a lot.

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