Media Spain today is covered with snow, even the provinces where it does not usually snow present a white landscape where the sight reaches. This weather situation makes us think, even more if possible, in the vicinity of Christmas, at the party and also in the decoration.

christmas cactus

In addition to the typical Christmas tree, lights on the balcony and garlands throughout the house, we can also decorate with plants. In addition to the Poinsettias there are also other typical Christmas plants, for example the Christmas cactus (o Zygocactus truncatus).

Christmas cactus2These cactus flower during the winter, presented a flower of great color and quite spectacular. Exite in various colors depending on the variety and is native to tropical areas of Brazil. They grow in humid places, tend to be in the shade and need moisture, a characteristic that makes them different from normal or usual cacti. One more difference is that its activity is in winter and not in summer.

Flowers every year without receiving any direct sun, but it is also convenient to receive a certain lighting, holding the weak winter sun but in no case summer (in this time it is preferable to keep it in the shade), it is not mandatory to have it on the outside since in the interior it can also survive.

Christmas cactus3

As for its irrigation, it should be irrigated more than normal cacti, but not excessively, preventing water from accumulating in the pot. When winter arrives, it should be kept in a cool room and where it receives light until the first buds of the flower appear.

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For all these characteristics we are in the best time to acquire a Christmas Cactus. Surely in some flower shop near home they have them.

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