It's ten o'clock in the morning on a Monday like any other where the desk is usually full of papers: documents to be read, letters to be answered, catalogs, invoices, reports, agendas ... All together and claiming my attention, some over of others, mixed and urgent. The desk is lost under the mountain of paper and another would be necessary in order to give order to the chaos.

Imagen 10

The office, since my arrival, has changed radically. In addition to having removed some reproduction of a work of Picasso, discolored and yellowish, and having brought a couple of plants to counteract the unnaturality of the neon lights, there have been variations more related to the use I now give him and for the which was not endowed. A meeting table, to discuss the topics of the week, a couple of high and wide shelves where you can archive the follow-up documents and put a photo that reminds me that I have a life of my own. Table lamps to improve reading and, as the latest acquisition, a table for the inevitable cup of coffee.

The COFEE Z table is an excellent solution for the situation described above: all the places occupied by documents and no corner to put the glass with boiling caffeine. The design, by JAN KOENIG, proposes to provide a small coffee table, which can fit in any corner, with a second floor where only the cup and spoon can fit. A reserved space for this use tells us about the importance and the hierarchy of this drink in the day to day of our life.

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