Surely you have ever thought that there are a thousand and one ways to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween, But when you make the craft with the pumpkin you get stuck. Therefore, today I present a collection of 30 pumpkins decorated in different ways so that they serve as a guide when it comes to addressing your own.

Get inspired with our decorated pumpkins for Halloween!

Looking at the images you will realize that there are many reasons for decorate a pumpkin and that will not only serve to give terror at a party, but to give a good Halloween atmosphere and for interior or exterior decoration in your home. Even without Halloween, you can use decorated pumpkins in your home!


Although in this tutorial you can see How to decorate a Halloween pumpkin, you can also choose the luminous pumpkins and there are real works of art, although others are simply original and easy to make. Decide which one goes with you and decorate your house for Halloween.

Pumpkin bucket

decorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin as ice bucket

Spider pumpkin

decorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin spider

Castle pumpkin
decorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin castle

Pumpkin cemetery and cat

decorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin cemetery Pumpkin with glovesdecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin with hands Pumpkin with hairdecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin with hair Pumpkin carved with leavesdecorated pumpkins - pumpkin halloween decoration leaves Carved pumpkindecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin scares birds Carved pumpkindecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin skeleton Pumpkin with carved ghostdecorated pumpkins - ghost halloween pumpkin Pumpkin with carved flowerdecorated pumpkins - pumpkin halloween flower Pumpkin with carved catdecorated pumpkins - Pumpkin Halloween cat Carved pumpkindecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin man Carved pumpkin decorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin mansion tenebrous Pumpkin with facedecorated pumpkins - pumpkin halloween eyes star and moon-l Artistic pumpkindecorated pumpkins - original halloween pumpkin Pumpkin with palm treedecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin palm tree Pumpkin of starsdecorated pumpkins - rare halloween pumpkin Carnivorous pumpkindecorated pumpkins - halloween pumpkin is like pumpkin The pumpkin mandecorated pumpkins - cute halloween pumpkin

decorated pumpkins - scary halloween pumpkin
scary halloween pumpkin

pumpkin halloween totem halloween pumpkins bored pumpkins to decorate the entrance of a house how to decorate pumpkins for halloween pumpkin decoration halloween Decoration pumpkins for halloween decoration with halloween pumpkins Halloween decoration entrance with gloomy pumpkins lanterns with pumpkins for halloween

Candles in jars, scary drinks and many other Halloween crafts you will find in this blog. Also, if you want decorated pumpkins for other times of the year, do not miss these other really creative ideas of decorating pumpkins with thumbtacks, mats, paint, cross stitch, vase, paint, glitter, or even the centerpiece of an elegant celebration! You can also make pumpkins recycling paper or other ideas that you will find in our decoration blog. Do you dare to try it and tell us your decorating experience with pumpkins?


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  3. What an ingenious way to decorate in Halloween, all the designs are very parents. I love decorating the house with Halloween motives

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