The natural instinct of mother that we felt since we were little, when we only played with toy babies, has ruled us always. The desires for protection that children, grandparents, nature, animals, our husband -about all things- give us are reflected in the fact that we are always very aware of their health, their clothes, their diet and their mood.

Since we are young we have had the possibility to download all our desire for delivery and care in pets, which are the first approach to the responsibility of others and a relationship. At five years old we thought of our dog, not our boyfriend, and it was with him that we had long conversations under the sun, to whom we gave our most sincere hugs and who occasionally gave us a tantrum.

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We have always loved the puppies and now that it is truly in our hands to offer a more comfortable and easier life, we can think of starting by giving him, on the day of love and friendship, a luxury bed, with design and distinction.

The design house WOWBOW, originally from London, offers within its pet supplies the bed MIJA, made of acrylic and with a soft mattress, anti-odor, polypropylene foam. It is possible to find it in three sizes, according to the dog's breed: the small one measures 50 cm wide, 42 cm deep and 22,5 cm high; the median is 62 cm wide, 52 deep and 28 cm tall, and the large one is 74 cm wide, 62 cm deep, and 33,5 cm tall.

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