I have a commitment with my friends and it is to give them inn, to be their hotel. Since I was very young I traveled to wherever I could, it was instinctive the way I decided to visit another city, a town or the countryside. I have always been very kind and that's why I was invited to the homes of friends and acquaintances since my parents allowed me to spend a night away from home. The first cities I traveled to were those close to mine. Over time the kilometers of distance have increased, but the friends are there, the same and a little more.

A condition that you have to visit your neighbors in their cities and serve them as if they were a five star hotel, is that you also have to have a room to house them when they come, or an auxiliary bed, a sofa bed, a mattress , an armchair or be willing to go partying all night and not sleep. I currently have a room with a simple bed where guests sleep, but the truth is that I have a little abandoned and that is why it is not especially beautiful.

bed design 3

Start by buying a good bed for the guests is a good idea considering that from that room the main piece is on which you sleep. I have preferred a semi-double bed so that if a couple comes they can sleep comfortably. The BET bed by the Swiss designer Noah Baumgartner is very special: it is modularly designed with two repeating units that combine. Made with laminated oak, it measures in width 120 cm x in length 2 meters, and in height 28 cm. Its assembly system allows us to assemble it without the need for tools or screws. More information on the website www.netwer.ch