Lust, eccentricity or the simple taste for something different. Get to know a collection of round beds and get inspired!

We already know that the curved lines are back in the interior decoration, be it in the furniture, in the sofas, in the chairs and now also in the beds.

This round shape is part of our collective imagination, reporting us towards more romantic or adventurous environments ...

The truth is that a round bed without a doubt, already populated the imaginary of any one of us.

Fantasy or not, think that you can have a bed with this format in your home, without that being a secret for your social circle.

Assume naturally that the round bed can also radically change the spirit of the decoration of your home, making the atmosphere more intimate, more romantic or daring. We must take the nickname of sexual perverted bed, or motel bed, because nothing is further from the potential that really has this decoration accessory, vituperated through the screens of Hollywood.

The prerogative that the person who owns a round bed, will surely have very active or open sexual behavior, is a false belief; because it would be like thinking that the one who has a common bed is a sexual bore ... the only difference is a round bed is that it has no vertices, but this does not make the psychological profile of those who use them in their decoration.


It is not always easy to find a round bed. There are brands that bet on this new trend of decoration and developed a whole collection of beds with this format.

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The materials are diverse, from oak in natural color or ash, to other woods covered with fabrics of different colors and textures

In any of these versions it is also interesting to note that there are as options, models of beds that can be leaning against a wall, such as a cupboard cabinet or can be positioned in the middle of a room, with a headboard made of quilted fabric.



  1. Hello, does anyone know who sells or makes round beds in Santiago de Chile? Thank you.

  2. Goodnight

    I have a round bed of 210 x210, I would like to know where I can find bedding.

    A greeting.

    • Hello Clara, well, you have many possibilities, depending on which bed is treated and the materials you want for it, the more noble the woods used for example, the more expensive the piece. I promento that prices range from the 2 thousand euros, to almost 5 thousand. At your orders, for any other query. Pablo

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