Do you fancy a change of look ?. I advise you to change your hair, to put plants on your head.

No, although it seems, I have not gone crazy, not yet ... I'll explain.

A Good!, a communication agency of Kazahastan, has thought to create a pot with close-up photographs. To give you an idea, the pot is illustrated with that foreground, with the face and the visual effect is that the plant leaves the head, as if it were a hairstyle.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the result:


Original, do not you think ?.

The pots, which as you can see in the image can be purchased in different sizes, they are composed of 3 elements: a transparent flowerpot, an enlargement of the photograph with which you want to illustrate the flowerpot and another flowerpot in white in which the plant will go.

The best of this idea developed by Good!, is that, as if it were a real change of look, the type of plant most appropriate to the face of the person is chosen. Perhaps this is the reason why a harmonious, balanced and aesthetic combination is obtained.

Because of its originality, you pots They are perfect to decorate and complement any corner of the house ... Your decorative power It is indisputable.
Even if you have or want to make a gift, it occurs to me that it can be an original gift, different and also, personalized.

And you, do you dare to make a radical change of look ?, In what corner of the house would you put your pot?