At first glance, changing the refrigerator is good news for our kitchen without major complications. But when the moment of truth arrives, the search in the online or real store can become a headache. A boom of types and styles will assail our retinas and before so much technology the question of the million will be to know which interests us more. If you read this post, you will not go wrong.

change refrigerator
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Change the fridge and make the purchase a success. There are many factors to consider When it's time to replace the fridge. First of all practical and storage. But also it will matter to know your level of energy efficiency and refrigeration, with the most recommended No Frost. Stop to study the sizes that fit us best and, of course, its decorative role.

Change of refrigerator: research work

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Change of refrigerator supposes give you a bath of current about this appliance without almost realizing it. In a few days you will discover that your previous fridge is already the past. The new acquisition will fill your kitchen with cutting-edge technology and a decorative image of those that take away the hiccups. Especially if you opt for proposals that can not be more innovative, such as business with white glass doors, gray and more tones. Changing refrigerator can give you these surprises because decorative trends have also reached such devices with a plus of elegance.

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Maybe the idea of ​​changing the refrigerator with a glass model seems excessive. Too sophisticated for our kitchen, first of all functional. But nevertheless, it pays to dwell on this new material. The normal thing is to find it in a rich palette of colors, and therefore it will be easy to discover the one that best coordinates with the high kitchen cabinets and the rest of the appliances. Or we just decorate it in black as the dominant tone, the most of the most. Well, any crystal model of the same color will be a perfect candidate.

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At the level of cleaning and maintenance, we should not be afraid of the presence of this decorative surface. The tracks and any mark of dirt usual in a kitchen They are easy to remove using a non-scratch cloth moistened in soapy water. Therefore, go ahead with the idea of ​​changing the refrigerator and show off a crystal design. We will be the envy of our friends.

XXL or diaphanous kitchens


Another essential issue to change refrigerator and succeed is be aware of the available meters what do we have to adapt it in the kitchen? Be realistic and not get carried away by the enthusiasm that we produce very similar models in magazines. And in some other television series. Enter or not in the hole where the previous one was. Si we are privileged and we have a closed kitchen with generous dimensions, almost XXL, everything is good news. And something similar will happen if it is an open room in a diaphanous domestic space type loft industrial.

It is clear that we can change the refrigerator and welcome a Side by side. The dream of many. These equipments are the great choice when we look for maximum capacity and also have an individual freezer. It will make it very easy to organize large purchases without space problems.

Spaces medium or calculated to the millimeter

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It is quite common for kitchens to have a medium size, and in that case you have to look for other more suitable designs when changing the refrigerator. Day by day, the so-called Americans They are the favorites because they are halfway between the Side by side and the usual refrigerators. They stand out for their high functionality and they are the great ally for kitchens equipped with working islands. These domestic spaces that bring together large families and where they cook at a great pace every day. For them, designs that include water dispensers and ice cubes are a real luxury.

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When we talk about changing refrigerators in a spatially limited kitchen, where everything fits the millimeter, we will have to look models capable of maximizing space. So they are the denominated 70 Combi, and not 60, the standard measure. An intelligent choice because its 10 centimeters more in its width give an incredible game when we open its interior and start distributing food. In addition, there are those that measure 2 meters in height and that is another great advantage.

Strain a retro wink


Retro is still a trend in the decoration of the kitchens. One way to target your aesthetic is to change refrigerator decided to choose a vintage design. It is an excellent opportunity to incorporate a model with this spirit in its lines and colors. And with the possibility of choosing solutions that adapt to our storage needs and the available meters. fridges vintage, single door, bajo worktop o Simply mini.


We will have cast your aesthetic in our kitchen without giving up the high technological benefits that we usually demand in new appliances. As the system No Frost: the fastest technology to cool in a uniform way and with automatic defrosting. With it the humidity and the frosts are over. So impossible to give it up when you go to change the refrigerator.

Will these clues serve you to make your choice?