Every time I leave the office at seven o'clock in the afternoon I have the feeling of regaining my life and I feel pleased. I'm walking home, on a journey that lasts between 15 and 25 minutes depending on my level of attention and speed, and I feel happy. I reach the portal of my building, I open it and I enter the elevator. Sometimes I think that at that moment I lose my life again and I start another working day that I perform as a mother, wife and administrator of the home company. Again I am just before going to bed, sometimes my husband notices it.

Before dedicating myself to feel sorry for myself or for the little time I enjoy alone, which is not always bad, I realize that the best moments of my day are in which I develop a physical exercise. Definitely feel my body and be aware of its parts makes me find my center again and understand that I am a person more, powerful and fragile, although under my responsibility are the raising of two children, the administration of an apartment, a professional work and the maintenance of a "couple" relationship.

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Now I can exercise with one of my favorite machines without having to go to the gym. The ELIPTICA PORTABLE trainer is an excellent option to have at home because, despite being very compact, which is one of its main qualities, it is also as effective as regular machines. In the living room, the room, the terrace, the office (the kitchen, no!). More information on the website www.staminaproducts.com