Sex in New York is undoubtedly a series of success that many women like, in which we all fall in love with Carrie Bradshaw's apartment and which deals with the love and sexual adventures of four New York women. The protagonist is the journalist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) who lives in a bachelorette in New York dream.

A series of success and glamor

Her three best friends, the lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), the pug Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and the promiscuous Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), share great adventures and experiences in the big apple with a touch of spicy humor but where also you can see the importance of friendship in the big city showing both the adventures that happen to them and the strong bond that these four friends have, that they love themselves, and among them, above all.

But in addition, all of them are independent women, passionate about fashion and the big city and they share a great taste for decoration as can be seen in their apartments, houses and apartments in New York!



  1. Genial!
    I always liked the original design I had, allowing a circulation around the whole house. And the deco !!!

  2. Jjajja seeing it like that I find it impractical ... as you can see that the kitchen did not use it na na ... I do not even know what to put it on ...

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