sex in new york

In the series you can see how a woman is thirty (or more), single and sexually active in our society today. The series came to fame for recording scenes in the streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs of New York City, while at the same time showing in a different and shameless way the current fashion, in addition to break sexual taboos that unfortunately still exist in our society.

The first season of the series is an adaptation of a compilation of columns titled Sex and the City that was published in the New York Observer newspaper that Candace Bushnell wrote. But from the second season, the series took on a life of its own.



  1. Genial!
    I always liked the original design I had, allowing a circulation around the whole house. And the deco !!!

  2. Jjajja seeing it like that I find it impractical ... as you can see that the kitchen did not use it na na ... I do not even know what to put it on ...

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