One more year Madrid overflows passion for decoration with 54ª edition of Casa Decor, one of the most relevant and attractive exhibitions in the world of interior design. We teach you five great spaces of Casa Decor 2019 that will captivate you Enjoy them!

2019 house decorThe splendid Barrio de Salamanca hosts the Casa Decor 2019 exhibition that opened its doors on January's 24 and will not close them until March's 10. This year the chosen building is located in the number 86 of Núñez de Balboa Street, with corner to Juan Bravo. A manor house, of serene and sober beauty, in which there is no shortage of attractive, mysterious and very special spaces.

And among the large number of environments, decorated by the best professionals in the Spanish interior design sector, I have chosen five that have seemed original to me, different from what I have seen so far. Por their concept, by the use made of them of color and trends, I'm sure you're going to love it. I hope you enjoy them and that they serve as an incentive to take a tour of the exhibition. You can do it every day until the March 10, from 11: 00 to 21: 00 h.

Casa Decor 2019: a building of the 30 years

Both the continent and the content matter. And if it is not exactly like that, reality looks a lot like it. Each and every one of the editions of this exhibition of DECORATION with capital letters they are framed in singular buildings, Special.

This time it is a great house built in 1930, of rectangular plant and corner cut in chamfer. It has approximately 2.250 m2 distributed on five floors, from the ground floor to the attic in which there are two terraces over 60 m2.

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The facade has an avant-garde style, with straight lines and without too many adornments. In the interior, the high ceilings and the wooden flooring. This is the building of Casa Decor 2019, which welcomes more than 50 spaces decorated by the best professionals in the world of interior design. Among them, today we want to show you five that you will love, sure!

Lobby The Forest of Summun Space

One of the things I like about Casa Decor is the way in which all spaces are decorated and valued: from the hall to the staircase dealer and the passage areas. And precisely in a passing area is this space that I want to highlight.

Conceived by Summun Space of Summun Furniture, it has been tried connect interiors and decoration with nature in pure state. Wood, one of the chosen materials, brings warmth to the space. It is present in large-format oak floors, as well as in tree trunk that decorates the main wall.

The furniture, composed of essential pieces, is also of raw wood: tables, bookstores, etc. And the green touch is put by the vegetation that seems to transport us to the heart of the forest.

Living room Jung Dreams

Hand in hand Juan Fuentes comes this original space and full of surprises, inspired by the famous story of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. It is dedicated to Carroll who, in addition to a writer, was a student of the human brain and made great contributions to knowledge in this field.

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In addition to the luxury pieces that have been used, the sophisticated materials and the contrasts of textures and colors, space Jung Dreams highlights the electrical installation, advanced and intelligent.

Kitchen Mémesis

A modern kitchen, but trying to recover the essence of the past. This is the kitchen Mémesis, designed for Casa Decor 2019 by Steven Littlehales, from Line 3 Kitchens.

In it the details of always merge with very current elements. The result is a perfect combination between the everyday and the luxurious. The design also has an ecological message that the designer wanted to reflect on the vegetation that dominates the central island. Suspended lights and plants are the key.

Bedroom The Martina Suite

Serene, luxurious, stimulating ... So we could define the bedroom suite designed by Raúl Martins for Casa Decor 2019. A space rich in textures y with golden flashes that bring luxury and distinction, without falling into excess.

Natuzzi sofas are elegant and at the same time cozy, thanks to the soft touch that promises the velvet and the cushions that complete them. The chromatic contrast the pink fluorescent lamps put it, which stand out against the white and gray background of the walls.

Living room Make it yours

The last space I want to show you about Casa Decor 2019 is the living room Make it yours, Work Francisco Segarra Consalvez. It is a curious and unique space, which is timeless and realistic. The objective of the design is search for beauty through the imperfect.

Through this example of interior design it has been tried highlight different times of the day: a relaxation corner, a dining space, etc. Spaces in which daily life passes.

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I hope that these five spaces of Casa Decor 2019, besides to like you, you have known little. Now you have the perfect excuse to get close to Calle Núñez de Balboa and visit the complete exhibition. You will not regret!