In many houses we expose the interior decoration to from the provision of techniques that seek to transform a space, but what happens with this space is already predisposed to decoration and in its creation are contemplated not only the tendency to play but a careful aesthetics in its more global character.


This is what happens with the ecological architecture, a remarkable technique of making residences, which is based on the optimization of energy resources and the healthy coexistence between our living space, from its materials to the smallest details such as geographical orientation, thought and destined to the profit of sunlight and the reduction in energy consumption to heat.


Although the avant-garde in architecture may sound a bit crazy, it bets on the inclusion of technological elements at its maximum expression, to achieve a form of clothing that imitates the most primitive character developed by the man in housing construction, highlighting that the coexistence between the most modern elements and the man does not precisely affect and irremediably alter the environment.


One of the companies dedicated to this creation is the design and architecture company R4 who proposes new conformations from materials recycled by man and the care of the elements indispensable for life as evidently water is.

ecological houses

Through this house of highly avant-garde character is achieved, reduce emissions and pollution, reuse and implement in its development always recycled materials, it diminishes its maintenance and passive cost by its technological advances.

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Among the notable variables that we find in the market are the heat pumps, which although it may sound strange to find in our fridge and air conditioners, these elements allow exchange heat between two microclimates or elemencough, so technology heat pumps for soil manages to take heat from the earth to transfer it to our radiant or heating system.

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The isolates have a remarkable relevance, since it is estimated that inefficiency in modern homes is generated from a terrible isolation that generates an exchange of heat between the house and the outside, as we can appreciate they are implemented on roofs and roofs, this is an aesthetic but also functional measure, since during the warmer seasons the temperature inside the house will remain pleasant and the plants will receive with great pleasure the brightness of the day.


With respect to forms of the ecological house, this is a measure taken by the creators but not a requirement in itself, what they seek is to mark a stand from the visual idealization, showing a construction of high avant-garde from his style, but it could well be developed in more classic ways.


If you are thinking about building or renovating, we recommend that you be aware of the advances of an ecological nature in the construction of houses, adapting your current address or shaping it from its more primary character, although it may sound more cost than usual conformation, once observed the direct economic benefits after the exercise of one year and its contribution to the preservation of the planet, find that not only is the best option but the most beautiful and profitable, in the medium and long term.

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