If you have a house with few square meters, In the articulo today we tell you some tips on colors for decorating your rooms. Choose the color for small homes!

Darker shades will be ideal as long as you include some accessories and furniture in light colors. In this way we find the perfect balance so that the room does not seem small or suffocating.

Vibrant or strong colors such as blue or red will look good as long as the home is illuminated. Otherwise it will look smaller.

To find amplitude help yourself with soft and bright colors like white or pastel shades.

The most cheerful colors, but soft, are ideal for homes with few square meters. The furniture and decorative objects should be attractive, with striking lines and colors.

If we have a corridor, lighting will be very important. Try to keep it also free of items and items that obstruct the passage. Painting the walls in light colors will give amplitude. Remember to light it well.

The exterior facade, especially in houses, we can paint it with vibrant and original colors. This will make the house not seem so small.