In the following images we will see something more than a house, it is also a work studio, but it is designed with great pleasure and following the personality of its owner, a French architect called Nathalie Wolberg who has created his own house.

The surface is composed of 590 square meters, and consists of three different floors joined by a flight of stairs, with steps that emerge from the wall and without railing. Maybe a little insecure but very visually appealing.

House of the house is full of originality, nothing is conventional, the tables, the armchairs, the walls, the shapes of the rooms, even in one of the floors there is a part where there is no floor, but a net to lie down . Toilets that appear and disappear, or rest rooms that are more than a luxury.

And all this with an unpolluted white dotted with bright colors to give life to the house. Come on, a paradise to live and even more to work.

Further information: Nathalie Woldberg

Vía: Freshome

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  1. I love it, it's super modern and very colorful. I wish my house was like this or at least my room.

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