Climb the trees, make them some cabin with the four sticks that we found out there ... Who does not have any fond memories of hanging out trying to build houses on trees? Rescue them from oblivion and discover these wonderful buildings that will give you back to childhood in the blink of an eye.

tree houses
Source: The Gibbon Experience

Sleeping in the trees is an adventure. More than that, it means rescuing the happiest moments of our childhood. Those summers roaming free in the woods, trying to build our own cabin. To bring those wonderful days back to our memory, there is nothing like staying in any of these great tree houses.

These are perfect accommodations that give us the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. Some of them are in our own country and others have to look far away. In any case, wherever spend the night in the heights It's a very tempting proposal, do not you think?

Houses in the trees to dream

Source: Skamania Lodge

Would you like to live in a special house perched on the top of a sturdy tree? Maybe this is a bit far from our possibilities, but we can always reserve a vacation time to spend in any of these curious destinations. They will be wonderful and different days. Days to remember past times and live in permanent contact with nature.

One of these luxury destinations is the mountain resort Skamania Lodge, which is located in Stevenson, Washington, in a unique natural environment. It is a different "hotel" in which the wooden bungalows are not on the ground, but on top of the trees. All the houses were designed by the architecture studio MG2, following A very rustic concept but also current. A large fireplace becomes the central element of the interior space, providing warmth and a very welcoming air. Handmade carpets, natural textile textiles and blankets and cushions add comfort.

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Source: Winvian Farm

Also in the United States we find Winvian Farm. He's in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, only two hours from New York. Among the available accommodation, all of them located in the heart of a beautiful farm, in the middle of nature, stands out especially Treehouse Cottage, a large cabin on the heights, wide and comfortable.

Source: Winvian Farm

There you can live a luxury holiday, since Winvian Farm has pool, spa and a very special restaurant with a select menu.

A sustainable lifestyle in the heights

Source: Observatory of Nature Manzanillo

The most adventurous will enjoy being nice if they stay in the Observatory of Nature in Manzanillo, Costa Rica. It is a cabin with capacity for 4 people and proposes sustainability as a way of life. In fact, the facilities work with solar energy and with rain water. Despite this, it has enough amenities to spend unforgettable days.

If you like the idea of ​​sleeping in the trees, in such a respectful way with the environment and the environment, this will undoubtedly be the best option for you. Of course, you have to know that the Observatory of Nature It is located in a very inaccessible place. You will have to walk about 45 minutes to get there, but the walk is worth it. From the cabin you can attend the wonderful show of wildlife in the middle of nature, surrounded by endless animals and lush vegetation.

Wake up surrounded by gibbons

Source: The Gibbon Experience

The gibbons, a kind of small monkeys, will wake you up in the mornings if you decide to stay at the Bokeo Forest, in the Nam Kan National Park, in Laos. Is about The Gibbon Experience, what's wrong with it the houses in the tallest trees in the world, which can only be accessed by zip lines. The place is a true treasure in itself, with wonderful routes to travel and corners of great beauty. Highly recommended

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An experience of luxury and well-being

Source: Chewton Glen

If, despite staying in houses in the trees, what you want is to live a luxury and pleasure holiday, you can choose to visit the wonderful cabins of Chewton Glen, in the New Forest National Park in the United Kingdom. There is no luxury or detail with which they do not count. Spectacular views, a careful gastronomy and all the comforts that you imagine: a luxurious spa, golf course, tennis courts, etc.

Source: Chewton Glen

Without leaving Spain

Source: Basoa Suites

The houses on the trees are curious accommodations, but they are not exclusive to a few countries. There are also destinations in Spain where you can sleep in the treetops. As Basoa Suites, in Navarra. The cabins, really attractive and very comfortable, were built at the top of the centennial oaks of the oak forest of Amati.

Source: Cabins in the Trees

And in the Basque Country, specifically in Zeanuri, Vizcaya, waiting for you Cabins in the Trees. A unique experience in the heart of the forest.

Source: Cabins in the Trees

All these houses in the trees will make you dream of a thousand adventures and allow you to discover nature from another perspective. You dare?