Buying a house is the dream of every person, not when you are a child but when you are a certain age. Having a property that will be yours forever gives a lot of security, but at this moment things are not like getting into mortgages, housing prices are very high (although they have fallen in the last year due to the crisis, word that I am starting to hate) and banks do not grant loans or mortgages.

Well, in this situation we must find alternatives and we have found one of them. This is QubicHouse Contept, a square houses of 72 square meters and two floors, so far we can think that it is like any other but the best is the price and conditions: 69.900 € and mounted in 30 days. Incredible true?.

This is possible because the structure of the house is made of prefabricated wood panels, which once commissioned are easily assembled and the rest of the house is created. Also in the price includes the finished house (with doors, electrical installation and plumbing ...) and even with the appliances. Its resistance and security is totally reliable and also the walls are covered with rock wool, which insulate against noise and temperature.

Are we still going? There's still more. Inside you can choose the distribution of the rooms, and if you want 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, and outside the color of the facade you can choose between light gray, anthracite or white. If you do not have time to decorate it, the company Spaziomisura, an interior design company associated with the manufacturer, can furnish it as the pilot house for 8.000 € more.

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This house concept has already triumphed in America and in several European countries, with several building models and now comes to Spain with the help of Casamisura and with QubicHouse Concep.

More information: Casamisura