When there are children at home, we want to turn their environment into something fun and attractive. That is not limited to the bedroom and the indoor play area, also in the garden or the patio we can put together an environment that is beautiful and suitable for them to have fun. When they are in the preschool age until adolescence, they enjoy outdoor games as in a playhouse. These that were initially placed in the trees of the garden, can be placed almost in any space, where of course it is safe for the child girl.

If you are one of those who opt for the work of this type you will find in many stores, the indispensable pieces to build a playhouse for the garden, of the design you prefer and whether it's for a boy or a girl, or a house that suits both, it can be small or large. And you can also ask a carpentry craftsman to design a specific house for children to play in the garden and feel the joy of a personal environment in the security of the patio or the garden.

Today we present you three pretty designs of playhouses for the garden or patio. These are wooden houses but with modernity, today you can choose playhouses in a variety of materials that are more manipulable at the time of changing place but not as attractive and formal as wood. The ones made of resin or plastic have the advantage that they adapt better to the interior if you later want their size to fit it inside.

On the other hand, wooden houses They are designed for the outside, with cured wood they resist the elements and they are perfect because they look more formal and are more versatile. And because of course you can send it to do it or do it to your liking.

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