BoConcept It is gaining more and more ground in our country, settling its stores in provincial capitals and showing functional, elegant and economic designs. In its 2009 catalog we are presented with its new products, 196 pages of pure inspiration and quality.

As we did with the Ikea catalog, we will gradually break down the most significant novelties and models.

2009 BoConcept catalog

Further information: BoConcept


  1. [...] BoConcept is progressively increasing its catalog of products and this time we have set ourselves a new model bed with canapé included. There are no legs, but its grip is lowered into a "box" inside which we can store objects. Above it is the mattress (which is not included), whose base can be raised and lowered to open the couch. [...]

  2. Your designs are wonderful. every time I consult a catalog I feel fulfilled.
    blessings for all.

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