Schmidt Kitchens, a company of French origin also based in Spain, has made available to its customers the new catalog of kitchens for this Spring 2010, a collection that supposes a chromatic explosion of new fronts, handles, panels and sliding doors.

"Spring" is designed to allow multiple combinations of bright fluorescent colors and acidulated fronts such as Lemon yellow, Malaga Red or Noumea blue, all applied to kitchens that are within its economic range of furniture Arcos, from which it offers quality and design at competitive prices.

The compositions of these new colors can also be made by combining the white Calypso in large monochrome panels or two-color doors.

Also within this collection stand the doors of the kitchen model reflex (in the image), which offer the consumer the possibility of having Cristal / Mirror-looking fronts at very affordable prices.

In addition, as novelties in kitchen furniture, highlight the new doors of the Arcos Edition range with very refined models such as the Traniata or Imineo in glossy finish within its economic range.

To illustrate all these novelties, SCHMIDT presents a new catalog called Special Trend 2010 to advise all audiences in their decision on one model or another depending on the trends of the moment and the budget of each home.

Further information: Schmidt Kitchens