Zara Home He has also dressed in Autumn and brings us his new catalog for the coming season. To the list of products that we have already seen and that we love are now added others that we can find in its news section. Blankets, cushions, carpets, curtains, baskets for bathing, candles, etc ...

Highlighting some of its elements, we have set ourselves in the new decorative blankets of Mohair, with a soft fabric made of mohair, wool and polyamide. It is available in various colors and its price is 99 €. Ideal to complement the double bed. The Ombre blanket (second image) is another of its models, available at the same price and composed of wool and elastane.

Within the rugs that incorporates in this new collection, we must highlight the model Mondrian, inspired by the characteristic style of Piet Mondrian. Its dimensions are 150 x 200 and its price 199 €. This is just a small sample, now it's your turn to explore the entire catalog and choose your preferences.

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