We present you today from 2.0 decoration, images of catalog autumn winter 2012 2013 of Zara Home. The decorative details and the furniture of Zara Home is one of the most appreciated in Spain for interior and exterior decoration. And for the winter season, Zara Home already has the first advances of what will be the linens, bedding, crockery, curtains and everything you need to have a beautifully decorated house.

In delicious colors for bedding, there are enough options for all types of decoration and individual color preferences. Shades of lilac, gray and beautiful floral prints, as well as solid colors with bright color details, that will decorate the most beautiful bedrooms. There are also plenty of cushions in this area, you know a touch of coquetry in any environment, in solid colors that in cheerful prints, you decide.

The simply perfect linens, colors like purple in solid with embroidered details, which combine with the decorations of the tableware. The chairs and furniture very elegant but at the same time very relaxing, without being too formal but not casual either. Precious tableware, crystal glasses in colors like lilac, and tea sets that remind us of the most beautiful in this sense. Covered with details that make them very elegant.

Nothing is missing, the decorative details such as frames for photographs, lamps, chandeliers, are present for you to finish building a special and modern decoration. In the ornaments we have mentioned there are both products in wood and other materials and some with gold and silver glitter that remind us that this is a trend of the 2012 2013 fall winter decoration, which we have seen in many of the best interior decoration catalogs. In addition, as always Zara Home, is a great catalog when renewing stays with the change of season.