Copper is a material that has been used by people for thousands of years. Thanks to its very ductile and malleable material it can be used in many fields such as construction, health, energy, etc.

It is also a material that offers many advantages. Among these we can highlight:

  • Energy savings since due to its characteristics it is an ideal material for plumbing and heating.
  • Durability it is another of its advantages, since the materials made with copper can last for many years without suffering any type of damage.
  • Hygiene, contrary to what many may think, this material is not harmful to health since they do not release substances dangerous to humans.
  • antimicrobial. Copper reduces the number of germs that are transmitted in contact with objects.

From Cedic (Spanish Copper Information Center) they want to make us aware of the importance in the use of this material and for this they have elaborated the following video that we leave to you.